Representatives of Avalex Technologies have announced that after an extensive evaluation process, the United States Air Force has awarded the company a contract to provide its new-generation ACM9454V cockpit management unit (CMU) as part of its F-16 communications suite modernization program.

“The MUOS upgrade has been created to meet the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) ever-expanding need for uninterrupted, global digital satellite communications (SATCOM). Once implemented, the number of available SATCOM channels will increase by 10-fold, giving our pilots much greater connectivity in tomorrow’s battlespace,” stated Tony Hatten, VP Business Development. “The Avalex CMU product family has been in service aboard a variety of U.S. military aircraft for years, and has already proven itself to be a reliable controller for numerous generations of ARC-210 radios and BAE IFF transponders. So, based on past experience, the Air Force’s F-16 System Program Office has selected it as the next-generation controller for all blocks of F-16 Vipers.”

Hatten explained that along with being a key part of the F-16 MUOS upgrade, the ACM9454V offers other key advantages including acting as a single-point controller for any type of radio system, which eliminates the need for pilots to receive training on multiple voice and data communications systems.

“Another advantage of the Avalex Technologies’ cockpit management unit is that it is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution,” Hatten said. “That means there is no added development cost or development cycle time required for the implementation program.

About the Avalex ACM9454V Cockpit Management Unit:

• Drop in replacement for current ARC-210 full-size controllers

• Software upgradable for control of MUOS digital networking radios

Full-color, sunlight readable, NVIS-A compatible display

Common radio user interface with standby/active tuning

• Interface to 10 common ARC-210 and other military radios, as well as IFF Transponders, TACAN, and SAR Direction Finders

“The ACM9454V was originally developed to meet the U.S. DoD’s needs for a unit that could easily control a variety of airborne radios, while at the same time, being a ‘drop-in’ replacement for legacy radio controllers,” Hatten said. “We are extremely proud that the unit continues to meet these current needs, while also being the ideal radio-controller solution for the next-generation of U.S. military aircraft upgrades.”

For more information, contact Tony Hatten, VP of Business Development at Avalex Technologies, 850.501.0351,

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