Small But Mighty: The AVR8414 Digital Video Recorder | Avalex TechnologiesDon’t let its size fool you.

The AVR8414 Digital Video Recorder might look small for a major cockpit instrument, but it packs a big punch. This powerful multi-channel DVR can record a wide range of signals in both standard or high definition.

But that’s not all this little guy has to offer. Here’s what pilots like most about the AVR8414:

  • Simultaneous recording of up to 5 channels
  • Super-compact design to maximize cockpit real estate
  • Robust internal memory, plus hookups for USB, SD and SSD removable memory devices
  • Easy playback and jogging during recording

Part of our AVR8400 series, this compact multi-channel device is one of the most advanced recorders in the industry. Request more info or download the brochure today.

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