Rugged Displays

Aviation and ground vehicle
mission displays REDEFINED.

Our control display units and military-grade monitors are easy to use, durable and engineered for high performance in the most demanding conditions. These mission displays are tested again and again to guarantee excellence and reliability even in the harshest of conditions in the air or on the ground.


Rugged Smart
Displays & Tablets

Increase your capabilities with
LEADING-EDGE products.

We offer a broad range of smart displays and lightweight tablets that will take your mission to the next level. In each product, solid state memory, lightning fast processors and high-resolution displays are combined into one lightweight package on the leading edge of technology. You can trust the results you see.

Digital Video Recorders

Aviation and ground vehicle
surveillance with POWER.

Avalex pioneers future-proof technologies that give you the tactical advantage in every mission. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry, offering an ever-improving range of digital video, audio and data recorders for our users. Our five generations of DVR products are vetted and guaranteed to stand the tests of almost any environment.

Communications Management
Units (CMU)

Take off with a RUGGED
communications management
unit (CMU) for aviation and
ground vehicles.

Our software-definable control heads are one-of-a-kind in the industry. Installers and operators trust our CMU lineup to deliver mission critical communication and navigation capabilities to their fingertips. We’ve optimized the line for space, weight and power (SWAP). You’ve never known communication and aviation management systems like these.

Digital Mapping Systems

Welcome to FUTURE-PROOF technology.

Designed, built and programmed in-house, we guarantee the mission-friendly usability, innovative mapping technology and unparalleled reliability of our rugged digital mapping systems. Our products integrate with everything you need, from EO/IR sensors to radar to weapons management systems to blue force tracking. We offer common operating systems for mission crews.


Mission Computers

Airborne mission processing

Avalex mission computers are engineered for ease of use with incredible capabilities. These computers are all about integration: they offer everything you need for an integrated mission platform that’s incredibly rugged and durable.

Digital Video Switches

High-performance products
that are durable and

Our digital video switches boast exceptional performance in all conditions in the air and on the ground. Dynamic routing control provides the ultimate flexibility for system designers and integrators. We test each product so you can trust they’ll get the job done with unmatched durability, dependability and quality.

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