AMD3121 – 12″ Smart Display

The AMD3121 is a rugged 12.1″ portrait, XGA smart multi-function display (SMFD). It features a thin, sunlight-readable screen that allows operators simultaneous viewing of crystal-clear, high-definition video along with the Avalex Mission Mapping application.

This display features integrated GPS and fully supports multiple sensor and system inputs.

Designed with I/O and a powerful 4th generation Intel i7 processor inside a neat, compact housing, it provides both versatility and power with space-saving efficiency.

Sensor cueing and augmented reality-style symbology is available.

This thin, lightweight SMFD works efficiently in all field conditions and is ideal for any tactical aircraft integration.

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About the AMD3121 - 12" Smart Display

Ideal for tactical aircraft integration, the AMD3121 cues sensors and hosts a variety of system data, digital kneeboard packets, video input, and optional map data in a splitscreen format to create a display with glass cockpit-like efficiency.

Optional integrated mapping software allows the AMD3121 to present overlays and current location over either digitized maps (CADRG) or images (CIB, GeoTIFF). Easily scale maps, drop waypoints, plan routes, cue sensors to defined waypoints, and exchange data with FMS, PFD, AHRS and other aircraft systems.

Deliverable with Windows, Linux or other RTOS, the AMD3121 offers an optional software developer’s kit. The addition of Avalex Mission Mapping software suite and optional Harris FliteScene plugin adds an out-of-thebox tactical moving map and sensor fusion application to the mission display. FalconView data including route planning, threat files, tactical graphics, drawings and custom charts can be seamlessly imported and displayed atop map data, images and live video. Additional plugins for device support are available.

AMD3121 - 12" Smart Display Specifications

Display Area








Native Resolution

800 X 600



Input Voltage

18-28 VDC



Operating Temperature Range

32° to 131° F

Storage Temperature Range

14° to 149° F