Avalex will be unveiling our new 6- and 7-inch displays, the AVM4066 and AVM4077, at London’s Helitech, October 3-5 2017. Designed to pack a lot of capability into a very small footprint, the AVM4066 features a 6.5” diagonal sunlight-readable LCD with HD, SD, DVI and VGA connectivity in a tiny 5.8” x 6.5” shell. The AVM4077 provides the same connectivity behind a 7” sunlight-readable LCD in a 5.68”x 7.15” form factor. Both displays offer NVIS-compatible LCD and bezel backlighting as an option.

Ideal for displaying video, mapping and mission computer data anywhere space is at a premium, these displays put a wealth of functionality at the end user’s fingertip, providing one-touch actuation for windowing, source selection, map activation, dimming and image freeze/zoom. These new product designs both complement and enhance Avalex’s wide range of well-proven and deployed rugged systems; Avalex’s display technology has served both military and civil Law Enforcement/SAR/Border Patrol  customers robustly for over a quarter of a century, offering both rugged performance and crisp, clear video processing in a demanding environment where reliability and operational performance is key to the mission. The minimal depth of these displays (0.55” and 0.51”, respectively, from back of bezel to back of housing) simplifies integration into today’s complicated cockpit setups. According to Tony Hatten, the Vice President of Business Development for Avalex, these designs “round out Avalex’s comprehensive lineup of HD display solutions and show our dedication to maximizing both capability and efficiency in every project.”  

Avalex provides six other mission system product lines in addition to displays, so there will be a broad range of other products available for demonstration. Helitech booth H30 will host the 8400 series of single- and multi-channel high-definition digital video recorders; Series-7 and Series-8 displays with quad-screen processing; smart displays, which integrate cutting-edge computer processing with crystal-clear video; and cockpit management units, which change the game for system integration and retrofitting by localizing control of up to eight radios and a variety of other avionics equipment into a single, simple user interface.

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