Comprehensive is the only way to describe this powerful display. Thanks to its wide array of functions, integrations and control features, the AVM4127 12-inch Widescreen HD Display has long been a popular choice with military, law enforcement and paramilitary operators.

Able to display signals from moving maps, sensor turrets and more, it’s one of the most robust displays on the market today. Here’s what this comprehensive display system includes:

  • Optional heated LCD
  • Remote dimming functionality
  • HD, SD, VFA inputs
  • SD and DVI outputs
  • NVIS compatibility
  • Full-screen, split-screen, picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes

The compact size of the AVM4127 makes it easy for crowded cockpit integration, and its extensive input/output options ensure capability with all major avionics system. Want to learn more about the AVM4127? Download the brochure or request more info now.

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