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Military and police aviation technology demands precise engineering, rigorous testing, and complete readiness for any mission. Avalex Technologies’ Quality Management System (QMS) meets those exacting standards every day, and our Quality Manager, Keith Dotson, is one reason why.

Dotson joined the Avalex team this year, with almost 15 years of experience helping companies implement their QMS and obtain or maintain ISO9000 certifications, among other responsibilities.

What does your work at Avalex entail?

“My role as the Quality Manager involves implementing Avalex’s QMS. There are many facets to an effective QMS, including a quality policy that meets the needs of the organization. This involves conducting a robust internal audit program that determines those areas of the QMS that are operating effectively and areas that need improvement. It is important that I communicate our QMS to each member of our organization through documented processes, training, and improvement projects.

Another important aspect of my work at Avalex is communication between us and our customers. It is vital that our customers have confidence in our QMS to produce the consistent results they expect.

In order to meet these demands, we have developed partnerships with our suppliers. They support the requirements of our QMS through their own certifications and by meeting our obligations as an approved supplier.

Ultimately, the true measure of an effective QMS comes down to the people operating those systems, procedures, and policies. That’s why Avalex has an effective, successful QMS – our team is unmatched in the industry.”

What are the benefits for customers of Avalex’s AS9100 certification?

The Avalex AS9100 certification gives confidence to our customers that our QMS has been accredited to an industry-recognized set of standards. This translates to greater on-time delivery; high-quality products and services; continuous improvement; and a clear understanding of our customers’ requirements.”

What’s your experience in quality control?

“I began my career in quality in the automotive industry in 2005 with a supplier that produces car seats. This was my introduction to working in an ISO9000/TS16949 organization. It was there that I learned the principles of quality and lean manufacturing. In 2008, I joined an aerospace company, developed their QMS, and obtained AS9100 certification.
Two years ago, my wife and I moved from our home in Columbus, Ohio, to here in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I helped a company get their ISO9001 certification and worked on many continuous improvement projects.

Now, I am the Quality Manager for Avalex, and our department is an amazing group of talented professionals. I look forward to working with them each day as we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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