Avalex Forges a Culture of Business Agility, Employee Respect | Avalex TechnologiesAs Vice President and General Manager at Avalex Technologies, Dan Shafer exemplifies pioneering business leadership. Since he started in January 2018, he has led Avalex on a transformation from a small to medium-sized company. His ongoing process improvement and organizational optimization initiatives show impressive results, including an 86 percent improvement in on-time deliveries, a 48 percent decrease in staff turnover, and a 17 percent increase in revenue.

Shafer recently shared his perspective on growth, innovation, and future plans for Avalex.

How did you accomplish your big wins last year, like a 23 percent increase in year-over-year orders?

By focusing on what we do best: our process and getting the right staff. It’s all about the human element – our people are our main asset.

We are a family at Avalex. We’ve added 30 employees since the beginning of the year and we tell them not to focus on the numbers, focus on the work. If you focus on the work, the numbers will always work out. We look at ways to improve that and be better than we were yesterday.

Avalex Forges a Culture of Business Agility, Employee Respect | Avalex Technologies

Dan Shafer

What sets Avalex apart?

It’s our ability to rapidly adapt to meet highly complex challenges. We measure success in hours and days, not in weeks or months. Our staff represents the best of the best, there is no challenge too great for this team. We never stand still and are always looking to find ways to redefine the art of the possible.

What has you excited for 2019?

This is an amazing time for Avalex. Everything we’ve invested in up to this point is really paying off. New and generation-defining product lines that we have spent years developing are hitting the market and taking off.

We also are investing heavily in our company and have spent nearly $1 million in technology in the first part of this year. We are growing the capabilities within our four walls.

I have had the opportunity to work for a lot of different companies and teams, including NASA. Avalex is a company of 100 of the most innovative people I’ve known and they are always willing to try something new and do something different. I am very proud of our exceptional team and how they rise to the occasion to meet any challenge.

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