Russell Spear is our Engineering Manager, a position where he oversees all engineering efforts — hardware, software, mechanical, and electrical — to facilitate successful delivery of products.

As Mark Ledbetter mentioned, customization is our bread and butter. We give each customer exactly what they want, how they want it, whether that’s software engineering or the mechanical side. I asked Russell to share with us his expertise on customization and innovation at Avalex.

Russell Spear, Engineering Manager at Avalex Technologies

How would you describe our customization ability?

Avalex is the industry leader in avionics customization. We are a small business that operates within an agile framework for understanding our customers’ unique needs and rapidly developing solutions.

All avionics customizations present challenges. Not only do our designs and products need to meet our customers’ expectations, but they must also meet the rigorous standards of DO-160 and MIL-STD testing so they can be deemed safe and flight worthy. We exceed all those expectations.

What sets Avalex apart for customization?

Avalex is well equipped with the latest tools and technology, but the thing that sets us apart in our industry is our people. Nearly 30 percent of the employees at Avalex are engineers, which gives the unique ability to understand highly technical and complex requirements set forth by our customers. They are dedicated, hardworking, talented and innovative people, all driven by the company’s culture and mission to provide high-quality, low-cost products to our customers.

The Avalex team is guided by an exceptional group of management staff that share common vision for the future of the company and aim to achieve its goals by relentlessly striving to improve everything we do, every day.


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