Product Development

The Avalex Technologies program management and engineering team has spearheaded a wide range of projects on the leading edge of technology. We are expert at translating system requirements into hardware and software designs that work even in the most demanding environments. Our Avalex team includes a full staff of program managers and mechanical, electrical, software, and product engineers who are well-versed in all aspects of the field.


Program Management

A highly skilled Program Manager develops an Integrated Product Team (IPT) that identifies and assigns personnel from the required functional departments at Avalex. Members of the IPT are a critical part of program success, leveraged for their expertise when we make decisions that affect the program.

Personnel assigned to the program IPT report directly to the Program Manager, who in turn reports to the Avalex executive department for full cost, scheduling, technical compliance, and customer satisfaction information. The way we have structured the IPT ensures that all team members are able to share their expertise in the best possible ways and are included in program decisions.


Mechanical and Electrical Design

Avalex Technologies has Computer Aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE) facilities for schematic capture, circuit design, and PCB layout using PC workstations. Mechanical design for clients is performed on a network of AutoCAD Inventor workstations.


Software Development

We have developed a full complement of software that supports the functions of all Avalex products. Our team of software engineers spends their days developing and optimizing the software and firmware that brings all Avalex products to life. This is part of what sets us apart: the ability to understand client requirements and flesh out a successful solution, as well as developing the required protocol for control of the product in all situations in the field.

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